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Our Services

  • Mini facials

  • Skin deep exfoliating facials

  • Skin brightening facials

  • Dull and sensitive skin facials

  • Skin bleaching facials

  • Acid peel skin whitenining facials

  • Acid peel acne/pimple treatment facials

  • Microdermabrasion facials

  • High frequency facials

  • Galvanic facials

Relaxing/Swedish Massage:

Long massage strokes following the blood flow towards the heart to increase blood circulation and enhance relaxation. This is one hour full body session.

Athletic/Deep tissue Massage:

This massage technique is used to relieve chronic muscle tension with slower strokes and more direct deep pressure to break up and eliminate scar tissue. Its a full body session for an hour.

Four hands Massage:

Relaxing massage for those who need time to get required tranquility. Arythimic massage from two therapists at thesame time. This can be a 30mins or one hour session for the full body.

G5/Electronic Massage:

Deep massage used on different body parts by various electronic heads to relieve fatigue and tension. It breaks down fatty deposits and cellulite, gently smooth the skin texture, improves blood circulation and excellent for toning. This massage technique is voted the best cellulite treatment.

G5 massage can be for the:

  • Buttocks,
  • Thigh,
  • Arm,
  • Reflexology(hand and foot) and
  • Full body.


Pamper Lush rebirth the skincare aspect of the ancient practice -fatteningroom- where brides to be are kept in a secluded place for 3 months, in this time, they are being fed, nurtured, massaged and generally prepped for the wedding night and marriage. They always come out looking well groomed, toned with an exceptional glow. They say it is the pride of the groom for his bride to be well prepped before the wedding day.
Now, PamperLush is not limited to only brides-to-be , the whole Idea is to bring the spa to you a night before your wedding, birthday, event, photoshoot etc. The anxiety of the event leaves a lot of brides/celebrants flustered and unrested before the day, however, with Pamperlush, you are guaranteed a very good night rest, a supple soft skin and an amazing glow… the next morning and a long while after.
Let’s prepare you for your big day
No one should have a better glow than you at YOUR event
Let’s keep your guests in awe of the fantastic transformation
Results are guaranteed
No matter how nice your skin is already, it can be way better
Contact us and we shall treat you like the celebrant that you are


Grooming of finger nails, hand scubbing, cleansing, moisturising and massage.


Grooming of toe nails and cleaning of cuticles.



Luxurious and complete foot pampering which includes nail grooming, foot scrubbing, cleansing, treatment and massage.


Applying of mask all over the body after body scrub, it helps to tighten or firm up the skin, reduces the traces of stretch marks and cellulite while deeply cleansing the pores.


A reviving time in a wooden steam room that has tremendous health and beauty benefits. It is highly recommended.



Also known as Turkish or Hammam bath. This session consist of a sauna bath, exfoliating of the skin with herbal moroccan soap. Moroccan bath tones up the skin, makes it radiant and takes out excess body toxins. There are diferent hammam sessions:

Basic Moroccan bath

Moroccan bath plus hot oil

Moroccan bath plus whitening mask

Moroccan bath plus facial peel

Moroccan bath plus 30mins body massage

Moroccan bath plus body bleach


Its a session of body polish whereby the skin is exfoliated with sea bath salt, it includes a sauna bath and skin moisturising. Salt bath gives the skin instant glow and soft radiant feel.


The session comprise of a sauna bath, skin exfoliating with sugar scrub and moisturising. This bath relieves stress, glows the skin and it feel tender.


Sauna bath, chocolate gel body scrub and skin moisturising.